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Who builds the houses?
Only registered users; these are individuals, or organisations who have received the necessary training and adhere to the specified process and procedures involved with the technology. Should you have any queries, kindly contact our Head Office in South Africa to verify a user in your area.

Do you build for individuals or do you only do housing projects?
We supply the technology to entrepreneurs and building contractors who undertake large housing projects; we do not fulfil the role of contractor. As users focus primarily on large scale projects, it is not always viable for them to build privately.

I just need the formwork, can you assist me?
No. has been supplying its comprehensive construction system, of which the formwork is merely a constituent of this technology, for the past 22 years. As a result, we do not simply supply plastic formwork, but a holistic building technology, that has been specifically designed and is proven too benefit the end user with its simplicity and ease of use.

Why don’t you sell kits off plan?
The technology offered by is simplified and not standardised. It is our role to accommodate the requests and design requirements of our clients; and to honour the dedication and enthusiasm of our clients, we ensure that each project is custom tailored to suit their needs.

Can anyone buy the mould system?
is a specialised technology; but in order to ensure best practice with the application of the mould system, it is necessary to supply to established contractors and not traders.

Are there requirements that must be fulfilled to purchase the system?
Competence and commitment is our primary concern.

Who designs the custom layout of the mould system?
Our competent staff, with the proper understanding and on site experience, designs the modular configuration of the formwork components to suite the desired layout of the structure. All reinforcing within the foundation and walls are designed by an independent, certified engineer.

Is the custom layout done according to building plans supplied to you?
Yes, the plans supplied to us from our clients, or their architects, are used as the model to calculate the configuration of the formwork components.

Do we need to buy a new kit if we need to change the layout of the mould system?
If the design of the housing unit changes, you would need to purchase a kit which is specific to your projects design requirements, as the formwork is configured specifically to the design of the units you require to build.
What support will I get after purchasing the formwork?
  • Training
  • Technical manuals and assistance
  • Professional engineering support
  • Quality procedures
  • Suppliers and purchasing databases
  • Advertising and Marketing assistance
Is a franchise?
does not allocate an agent for a specific province or state in a country; however, we are keen to establish a strong, and mutually beneficial, working relationship with the users of the technology.

How many houses can be built using the mould system?
The technology is cost effective due to its repetitive application. It is affordable due to the fact that the formwork is used on a repetitive basis for up to 50 reuses per kit; this results in the cost of the formwork being amortized over the construction of 50 units. The less re-uses the purchased formwork kit has the greater the overall cost of a single unit.
What sort of foundation is necessary?
housing units are erected on a floating raft foundation, which is designed and certified by an independent structural engineer. The surface of the raft foundation is power floated for a smooth finish, which eliminates the need for a screed finish to the floor surface.

What sort of foundation is necessary?
housing units are erected on a floating raft foundation, which is designed and certified by an independent structural engineer. The surface of the raft foundation is power floated for a smooth finish, which eliminates the need for a screed finish to the floor surface.

What type of roof does the house have?
does not have restrictions with any type of roofing material or design.

How many people need to be employed to construct a house with ?
This would depend on the size of the house and, should time not be a crucial factor with your project, the amount of unskilled labourers may be reduced.

Can you build boundary walls using ?
It is possible to construct boundary walls using ; however, the system is used primarily for major housing initiatives.

Can you build multi-storey apartments with ?
The formwork is the mechanism with which to build and does not have restrictions on the amount of storeys that can be built with the system. Obviously you would need to take into account the soil conditions of the site and the engineer’s design/specifications for the project; the engineer would specify the compressive strength of the wall and the required reinforcing.

What is your lead time for production?
Our lead time for production is three to five weeks; however a more optimum date of delivery will be confirmed on date of order.

Are the electrical and plumbing services included in the houses, or do I have to subcontract to have this done, and what are the costs?
The electrical conduits and plumbing harnesses, which are located into the wall structure, would be supplied by . You would need to assign a sub-contractor to undertake the connections. Their price will depend on the unit and relevant layouts.

Can wall thickness vary?
All external walls are 150mm wide, and all internal walls are 100mm wide.

Can walls be repaired if damaged?

Can walls be drilled, chased or cut?

Can be constructed on bad soils such as heaving clay?

Does fulfil the requirements of the South African Bureau of Standards building code of practice?

Can the structure be extended?
Yes they can.

Are structures designed, approved and certified by an Engineer?
When dealing with a registered user, this is always the case.

What are the costs involved with training and where does training take place?
Your staff will be trained by a foreman to work with , on your site; your first housing unit will be erected as part of the initial training and introduction course. The duration of the training process usually takes 1 – 2 weeks, depending on the size of the unit, and all the procedures and phases of the construction process are followed through and explained thoroughly. You will be supplied with a working document and assembly instructions, which are compiled specifically for your project. After training has been completed, your staff will be awarded certificates of completion for the training programme and will be graded accordingly by our foreman. There is no additional cost for the training of your staff, however we would require that your company would cover the travel expenses, accommodation and meals for our foreman.

What sand grading would be required for the mortar to achieve design strength?
River sand, or decomposed granite, is used in the mortar mix; it has a common grading of 2360 – 150 µm (microns).

What are the curing requirements after stripping?
Test cubes will be taken on site with the mortar mix design specified for your project. When the formwork is removed, the walls have a strength of between 1.5 to 2.0 mPa. Within 28 days, the walls will have cured to an ultimate strength of between 10 to 20mPa, depending on the mix design of the mortar, or the cement: water ratio.

Do walls have cavities?
does not build cavity walls, as this is not necessary, due to our good thermal and waterproof properties. This is predominantly due to the specialised chemical additive, CHEM, used in the mortar mix.

Can a mould be flipped to create a mirror image of the house to be built?
Yes, this can be done, however, it is a possibility that additional components may be required to assemble the mirror image of the gables.

Can I use to do extensions to my home?
This would not be viable as is cost effective due to its repetitive use. Since additions to an existing home would only involve a once off application, it will not be cost effective undertaking.

Can I use to build a second house on my property?
This would not be viable as is cost effective due to its repetitive use. Since additions to an existing home would only involve a once off application, it will not be cost effective undertaking. Please contact our sales department to put you in touch with a contractor in your area.

Is approved by financial institutions?
homes are bonded for a 25 year term by all major financial institutions in South Africa; the first home having been bonded since 1993.
What are the shipping charges?
All our shipping from Port Elizabeth is done Ex Works through Safcor Panalpina. You are more than welcome to contact them directly to enquire about the shipping cost of the 40ft container to the location specified. Alternatively, you can also specify your own shipping line.

What does Ex Works mean?
Ex works means that the client will be responsible for; providing a vehicle for transport, for loading the goods and for clearing the goods for export. The client will bear all costs and risk involved in taking the goods from our premises to the desired destination.

What is the cost of saving using moladi over conventional building methods?
This would be dependant on a number of factors, such as the required usage of the formwork and your local/indigenous material costs.

How much does a moladi house cost?
We do not have a set price for a house, as moladi works on a sequence of providing quotations based on the client’s unique house design. We calculate each costing based on the material cost prices in their project location. This will provide them with a cost breakdown, which includes the material quantities and technology transfer costs, needed to build the superstructure of the unit.

Do you charge for quotations?
An administration fee of R25/m˛ floor area will be charged for specialised cost estimates. This fee is fully refundable and will be credited on placement of order.The finishing materials such as; Windows, doors, roofing, ceiling, plumbing and electrical hardware and paint will reflect general South African prices.

Do you supply plans?
Our projects department only works on architecturally designed plans, which are submitted by the individual or organisation, and do not supply building plans to clients. As we receive our plans from clients and their architects, we are not at liberty to distribute or issue these plans and documents to third parties. These documents are considered as private and confidential.

What information do you require to supply a cost estimate?
  • A detailed single storey plan, including room and overall metric dimensions in AutoCAD format (not plotted)
  • A section specifying the wall height, roof pitch in degrees and overhang in AutoCAD format (not plotted)
  • Complete Window and Door Schedules
  • Specify the number of units required and in what timeframe
  • Local material costs in ZAR or USD


What are the factors that influence the cost of a house?
The amount of internal walls, as well as the shape of the house will increase the cost of the unit.


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